In the wake of the global crisis, businesses have been pushed to accommodate near 100% remote working capability, with varying levels of success. Our predominantly cloud-based clients made the transition look easy but we all know businesses who barely survived the turmoil.

As we all adjust to a new business landscape, we have the opportunity to offer a different kind of workplace, one that’s built around employees rather than desks.

Cost pressures in major cities everywhere are forcing businesses to re-examine their real estate needs and consider workplace re-design to accommodate a more flexible workplace. Workers themselves have long been seeking this flexibility and the crisis has simply accelerated the drive. The shift to remote work means businesses can also more readily access the best skills and talent from around the globe.

The opportunity now then is to consider what we want the workplace of the future to look like in this rapidly globalising economy. Designing a workplace experience that caters to the individual, rather than the majority, will likely become the competitive advantage of the future.

Today’s workplace is all about the employee experience (‘EX’)

When we consider the challenges of workplace transformation; the need to attract and retain top talent, the cost of maintaining physical office spaces and accommodating employee demand for flexibility, it’s clear we need to re-think our tools and technologies.

Looking ahead, businesses need to be thinking about the employee experience. Businesses rely on its employees to succeed and in turn, employees need a workplace that works for them. Designing a world-class EX will support businesses in the drive to attract and retain top talent, talent who can deliver in a workplace built for high performance.

By committing time to understand how today’s high performance teams organise, communicate and collaborate, businesses can design the platforms and tools required to support new ways of working. In doing so, we can create digital workplaces that offer a superior employee experience, regardless of physical location.

It’s perhaps no surprise that Microsoft is leading the charge in providing the devices and digital tools to address the needs of this shifting landscape. Overcoming the challenges of an increasingly fragmented and isolated workforce, Microsoft’s newest product set supports mobility, accessibility, collaboration and flexibility with sophistication and to global standards of security.

Microsoft build all the applications to empower employee productivity and security, including Microsoft 365, Teams, Windows 10, Enterprise mobility and security, including the cloud infrastructure, connected data, visibility and analytics capabilities to support it. It’s powerful stuff.

In partnership with Microsoft, Ordyss is proudly helping clients build best of breed modern workplaces to support a superior EX and bridge the gap between employee and enterprise. If you’d like to learn how we can help you deliver a world-class EX, we’d love to be of service.

Note: Ordyss is a Microsoft Gold Partner and approved Microsoft re-seller, which includes the new Surface suite (ie. Surface Book 3, Surface Go 2 and Surface Hub 2S).