Government expertise

Ordyss’ public sector clients are an integral part of our business and we are privileged to support the specific needs of Government throughout Queensland. Removing the burden of regulatory compliance, mitigating security concerns and offering the agility to adapt to constantly changing needs are just a few of the reasons our Government clients tell us they partner with Ordyss.

The capability of a global MSP with the flexibility of a start-up

When it comes to meeting the exacting needs of the public sector, Ordyss offers all the rigor and capability of the major MSPs but with the added flexibility of the smaller players. This includes the flexibility to offer a bespoke solution tailored around the specific needs of your entity. But that doesn’t begin and end at the point of engagement.

Ordyss develops a deep understanding of our clients and their requirements and we customise our services and solutions accordingly. As such, our public sector clients benefit from a highly-aligned range of services that we continually evolve to suit changing needs. It means we also have the capability to fulfil every aspect of even the most detailed RFP.

Public Sector capability and certifications

Our public sector expertise includes full Service Desk capability (both remote and onsite), Cloud / Infrastructure management, Systems, Network & Security Management, specialist Project Services, centralised Procurement & Licensing Management and more.

Underpinning those services, and In line with our commitment to excellence, Ordyss is proudly ISO 9001 Quality certified. As the world’s most recognised Quality Management System (QMS) standard, ISO 9001 supports us in our quest to continually improve and refine operations and we take pride in the efforts of everyone in maintaining an unrelenting focus on quality.

Our commitment to quality and continual service improvement is an organisation-wide one and it is entrenched in all aspects of our day-to-day operations.  Further validating that commitment, Ordyss has been successfully appointed to Local Buy’s Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers for ICT Solutions & Services. Local Buy’s strict pre-qualified supplier process means that Government can confidently access a range of Ordyss’ ICT Solutions by way of quotation as opposed to a full tender process, thereby streamlining the engagement process significantly.

Note:  Ordyss is proudly 100% Australian owned and is a CCIQ Business Ready QAssure accredited supplier. 

Robust Information Security Management

As a Managed Services business, Ordyss is responsible for upholding the highest standards of security across all areas of its operations, from physical, environmental and infrastructure to data management. The obligation on Ordyss to protect commercially sensitive information is a critical one and our ISO 27001 Information Security certification validates our robust framework for managing information security.

Ordyss has successfully implemented the Essential 8 mitigation strategies as developed by the Australian Signals Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) for clients and works in close partnership to mitigate the risk of cyber security incidents caused by cyber threats.

Supporting our commitment to the highest standards of security and cyber resilience, Ordyss is an ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre) Partner. Our partnership with the ACSC, which forms part of the Australian Government Australian Signals Directorate, gives us access to wider threat intelligence, news and advice to enhance situational awareness and resilience-building activities.

Continuous improvement focus supports superior customer outcomes

Ordyss has extensive experience working with statutory bodies including a wide range of government agencies and local authorities. Our strong customer-centric focus sets our services apart from similar market offerings and makes it easy for clients to engage with us at all levels for their organisational needs.

We pride ourselves on an outcomes-based focus and a commitment to resolving issues at their core. It is through this focus, and a sustained commitment to continuous improvement, that we’ve been able to successfully reduce incident volumes by as much as 48% for one Government client. The end result is high levels of customer satisfaction and enhanced operational efficiencies for both the client operations and its end users.

Our dedicated support teams are always on hand to offer the benefit of their expertise and offer a genuine willingness to accommodate our clients’ needs, whatever they may be.

ITIL-aligned best practices & governance

Ordyss is an experienced and qualified ITIL* operation and utilises the relevant ITIL streams to drive maturity through continued improvement. All services are delivered within a highly customer-centric service framework focused on incident reduction and service efficiencies, and at all times adhering to agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

We understand the importance of reporting and maintain detailed operational data for both compliance and operational reporting purposes. As a Managed Services business, Ordyss has stringent contractual reporting requirements and has developed a comprehensive suite of reports which we continue to refine in line with the evolving needs of Government.

Detailed Risks & Issues Registers with corresponding Recommendations along with Continuous Service Improvement Registers are maintained and provide a highly transparent assessment of operations and services across the board. Most importantly, we work with every client to customise a reporting framework specific to the needs of their business.

* The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of detailed practices for IT service management that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of the business.

Ordyss specialises in premium customised solutions for enterprise clients, building trusted partnerships spanning decades.

Testament to the longevity of our client partnerships, many of our clients were not enterprise-level at the time of our initial engagement but have grown exponentially over the years.

We are proud to support such growth and to offer the flexibility to adapt and evolve our service accordingly as business needs change in line with growth. Where an ‘off the shelf’ managed service may not offer the level of personalised focus warranted, Ordyss will design a solution 100% around the needs of your enterprise, seamlessly supporting continued growth and success.

Certified capability

Our experience extends from co-managed to fully-managed IT infrastructure services, with service desk, systems & network administration, project services and procurement all part of our standard enterprise offering.

We are fully ISO certified across both Quality and Information Security and work within a structured Continuous Service Improvement framework to ensure strict standards of governance and compliance are upheld.  Supporting our quality focus, ITIL*-aligned service delivery management is an inherent component of our enterprise offering and ensures the highest standards of service are consistently maintained.

A key focus of Ordyss’ enterprise service is business continuity and service desk responsiveness, ensuring you’re not impacted by unforeseen downtime.  Our customised enterprise solutions allow you to operate confidently through a constantly changing business landscape knowing your IT is in capable hands.

* The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of detailed practices for IT service management that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of the business.

Superior outcomes

In close consultation with clients and through rigorous analysis of your data, Ordyss will identify the pain points in your operations, whether it’s repeat service desk issues, staff training needs or mis-aligned third-party contracts or service. Together, we will work on a plan to rectify those issues and thereby remove the burden of their impact from the enterprise.

Our SLAs, combined with an unrivalled commitment to maintaining service standards well above industry averages, has seen our customer satisfaction rating continue to improve year on year, currently sitting at an enviable 4.88 out of 5.00.

Similarly, we set the bar for infrastructure management high, focusing on continuous improvement and optimization to maintain your environment to industry-leading standards. At Ordyss, managing your infrastructure is about much more than mitigating the likelihood of outages or the business impact sustained by one. It means monitoring your environment around the clock and being immediately available to mitigate the risk of issues before they impact the environment.

With a dedicated team of specialists supporting your enterprise, we operate as an extension of your business, developing a deep understanding of your enterprise, your operations, your key business systems and your processes. In so doing, we can readily identify and resolve issues at their core, offering a more intuitive and personalised response.

Trusted partnerships

At Ordyss, our client engagement is always based upon a long-term view. We will never lead with an inferior solution to ‘win’ a client, or cost-cut at the risk of quality. All our solutions are designed and costed in complete transparency with clients and designed to support quality outcomes and long-term, trusted partnerships.

We invest heavily in understanding your business, including the issues unique to your sector and your operations, and work to gain an intimate understanding of what’s important to you. Armed with this knowledge, and with an understanding of what you’re looking to achieve, we provide genuine business solutions developed from a consultative ‘outcomes-first’ approach.

Our absolute commitment to developing trusted partnerships, where clients ultimately view our staff as their own, includes a level of pricing transparency rarely offered by other providers. Further, we will not subject clients to contract lock-ins or punitive exit clauses. Such is our confidence in the level of service we provide, clients are free to walk away at any time, without penalty.

Supporting our trusted partner focus, we employ no sales people and will never over-promise to win a contract. The people making the promises are the same people that will be managing your account and we live by a ‘whatever it takes’ commitment to delivering what we say, without fail.

Facilitating growth

The size of our enterprise clients is far less important to us than the potential for us to grow together and partner with clients in their journey. Ordyss has developed a particular area of expertise supporting business growth and organisational change and indeed, many of our enterprise clients today were much smaller when they first employed our services. We are proud to have played a part in supporting our clients’ success.

Equally important for a growing enterprise that may experience a few bumps in the road along the way, we can also scale down as well as up, depending on the business need, ensuring that you’re only paying for what you need at any given time.

Whether you’re an industry pioneer, a future leader or front-runner in your sector, if you’re ambitious to achieve growth, Ordyss has a proven track record supporting companies from small beginnings through to major success. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your enterprise journey.

Deep NFP experience

Ordyss offers decades of experience supporting the specific needs of the Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector across a range of fields, with a particular area of expertise in Aged Care.

Over the years we’ve been privileged to work with a range of NFP clients, many of whom we have supported for many years and continue to partner with today. From Southern Cross Care Queensland, Relationships Australia (Qld), Lutheran Services and Horizon Foundation to St Vincent de Paul Society (Qld, NT and WA) and Ozcare, we are proud to play a part in supporting the great work of these organisations. In so doing, we have developed a deep understanding of the needs of this sector and are able to offer the benefit of expansive industry expertise.

Personalised, trusted partnerships

Our experience extends from co-managed to fully-managed IT infrastructure services, with service desk, systems & network administration, project services and procurement all part of our standard enterprise offering.

Our deep industry experience has shown us that a key NFP requirement is trusted, long term relationships with key partners. In Managed Services, we take great pride in being one of those partners.

The requirement for trusted partners is particularly self-evident for NFP organisations caring for the needs of the more vulnerable members of our society. Understandably, the need to establish trust applies to the bond between the NFP and the community it serves. It also applies however between the NFP and the partners with which they engage in the delivery of their services.

This is where Ordyss’ philosophy comes into its own. Our trusted partner approach allows us to operate as an extension of our client’s businesses, working closely with and acquiring an intimate knowledge of our client’s operations.

Cultural alignment

A vital component in building this trust is having the right people in place. At Ordyss, we personally hand-pick the very best people to work with your organisation, those who are not only technically competent, but culturally aligned. Every NFP has its own unique culture and way of doing things. At Ordyss, we recognise the uniqueness of every client and adapt as required to suit their specific needs.

The Ordyss team is passionate about supporting the NFP sector and serving as an extension of their good works. Professionalism, patience, understanding and respect are key tenets of the Ordyss NFP service ethos, and our team live and breathe those values.

Customised capability

As a Managed Services provider, we’re called to support the varying needs of clients across a range of sizes and sectors. Ordyss brings wide-ranging expertise across all disciplines from our core Service Desk offering to all aspects of Managed Service provision. From cloud/ infrastructure management, executive consulting, project services and specialist ICT talent acquisition, we shape all our services around the individual needs of the client.

While we acknowledge that some of the priorities of our NFP clients align with those of our other clients, we understand there are also some unique differences. Our customised service offerings reflect that divergence and are designed to meet the particular needs of the NFP sector. By shaping our engagement and our operational processes around the individual needs of our NFP clients, we are able to offer the most aligned services and support to confidently meet their ICT needs.

Business outcomes-focused

Like many of our enterprise and government clients, our NFP clients share the same underlying desire for operations to run smoothly. They want their users to be well supported, with courtesy and competence, for issues to be resolved at their core, for security, governance and compliance to be managed to industry-leading standards, and for a Managed Services partner who cares. They also want the flexibility of a bespoke solution that accommodates their needs, and a partner who understands their sector. Ordyss delivers this, every time.

Whilst technology is one of the drivers of that (with under-investment in technology a common theme across organisations), our conversations are focused heavily on business outcomes, rather than the underlying technology. This means that regardless of the technology, and the inevitable changes that occur to it over time, the focus is always on getting the outcome for the business. It also means that even the least tech-minded client is left in no doubt as to what we can help them achieve through the intelligent use of technology.

Long term view

In line with our trusted partner ethos, our interest doesn’t end when the contract is signed. Having laid strong foundations through the service and solution design, we work in close consultation with our clients to constantly refine the engagement to align with their needs, however they may evolve over time.

Our aim with all our clients is to develop deep, long-standing partnerships that see us supporting them for 10 or 20 years. The Ordyss people you engage with during the selection process will be the same people managing the relationship. Our commitment is therefore absolute. It is in this way we are able to build trusted client partnerships spanning decades.

Speak to one of our experienced team today to discuss how our NFP expertise can benefit your organisation.