Client Testimonials

Ordyss live up to their promise

“Ordyss have really lived up to their promises; they continue to deliver the highest levels of proficiency and professionalism across their entire team, day after day. The Ordyss team have become a real asset to the business. We know we can rely on them to provide a Service Desk that delivers exceptionally high user satisfaction, inject superior levels of technical expertise be it operational, tactical or strategic and project management services that consistently deliver successful outcomes.

This comes at a very busy time for AACo with high demands on current infrastructure & systems and new implementations. We would not have been able to achieve our aggressive implementation timeframes had it not been for Ordyss.

Their input has also removed a lot of the operational pain from my own day-to-day activities and I know that if I leave them with something, I can rest confident in the fact it will get looked after. I have never worked with an IT provider that live and die on the level of service they provide.

I admit I was openly sceptical when I first met Ordyss and I incorrectly interpreted the passion and commitment for just another slick sales pitch. But their passion and commitment has not changed from the very first meeting and they have proven to live true to every promise. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Michael Croft
Manager Information Systems
Australian Agricultural Company Limited

The most professional service we have received

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank the team at Ordyss for the most professional service we have received here at Arrow Energy over the last 4+ years.

The Ordyss Total Care Package has provided us with a comprehensive solution to our IT needs.  Ordyss’ ability to offer IT procurement services when it was required and the expertise of the engineers in the Project team was also of great benefit and meant that we had one central point we could go to for everything IT related.

Our decision to disengage was not based on the performance Ordyss has provided and we have been very happy with the service and attentiveness they have provided to our needs. As a business however, we have made the strategic decision to bring IT services in-house and have over time procured the necessary services to manage these internally.

As always, we wish Ordyss every success and are confident they will only continue to go from strength to strength.  I would be more than happy to speak on behalf of Keith and his team.”

Brett Baxter
Arrow Energy Limited

Seamless integration thanks to Ordyss

“There was no margin for error during the integration of Arrow Energy NL and CH4 Gas Limited’s IT systems and infrastructure.

The seamless end-result was thanks to Ordyss’ thorough planning, analysis and project management skills. By conducting a pre-merger IT audit and producing a common IT infrastructure plan prior to implementing the post-merger transition, Ordyss met our main requirements; preserving as much existing infrastructure as possible, while minimising disruption to users. The end result is a system that will grow with us.”

Kerry J Parker
Chief Financial Officer
CH4 Gas Limited (now Arrow Energy NL)

Cutting edge Cloud solution

“Concept Safety Systems engaged Ordyss to implement a business system to improve the efficiency, delivery and scalability of the business. Given Ordyss’ experience in similar solutions, a Cloud based software solution was selected, and after an in depth design and testing phase, the software was successfully implemented.

The solution has increased managerial visibility, improved the sales process, increased the success rate of projects, decreased sales and project administration, increased knowledge retention, improved customer service, and at the same time, saved money.

The system has also assisted us in our ISO 9001 accreditation.

With our new Cloud solution, we have instant scalability as well as guaranteed business continuity, with staff able to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Ordyss delivered a cutting edge Cloud solution that has really added value to the Concept Safety Systems business.”

John Hummelstad
Concept Safety Systems

Valued long term business partner

“Gallagher Bassett has been working with Ordyss in an IT Partnership that spans more than 20 years. When we first engaged with Ordyss, we had one office and around 50 staff. Since that time, we have grown considerably and now employ in excess of 900 staff across offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and New Zealand.

Needless to say, Ordyss’ relationship with us has evolved over the years and they have had to adapt their service to meet our business needs as they have continued to change in line with our growth. It has been their ability to do this that has made them a valuable long term business partner.

Ordyss has always been highly responsive to our needs and have supported us through significant periods of growth. From new office set ups and office moves to systems and process changes and a range of projects along the way, they provided extensive strategy and consulting in the company’s early days when our internal IT management was still forming, and today remain a trusted partner.

As a highly compliance driven organisation, Ordyss have also been required to meet stringent compliance and auditing requirements and have always taken the time to understand our business and tailor extensive reporting capabilities and processes to meet these needs.

For high growth organisations or highly compliance driven businesses where reliable, professional IT support is critical, Ordyss are well placed to meet those needs.”

Julian Martin
General Manager Information Systems
Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd

Genuine people with similar core values

“Ordyss was the third company I had approached for IT support. The first two did not meet expectations in customer care and timely response.

What drew me to Ordyss initially is that they had a set of core values on their website that reflected similar core values that our organisation had around quality, integrity and excellence. I thought to myself if they take their core values seriously then they are likely going to be a great company to deal with.

This was confirmed on the first few meetings with Ordyss. Their willingness to provide information and help without pushing for me to sign a contract was very reassuring. It made me feel like I was dealing with genuine people and that’s what Horizon Foundation was really after. The other major benefit for us was the flexibility in their support offerings. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship with Ordyss.”

Anthony Rankine
IT Manager
Horizon Foundation Inc. (now Myhorizon)

4 years of excellent service

“Ordyss have provided excellent service to our company over the past four years through Help Desk Services, Professional Services in respect to project work and will remain one of our preferred suppliers of hardware.

I’d like to thank you and all of your team for all of your efforts and personal attention.”

Gary Baxter
IT Manager

Ordyss earns serious technical credibility

“It was a Friday night, I’d tried all the providers, it was a critical issue and no one could fix it.

I was getting to the point where I was ready to throw in the towel, then I saw the Ordyss business card sitting on the corner of my desk. With nothing to lose I gave them a call and threw out the challenge, and two of their senior guys arrived on site within the hour.

Not only did they resolve a critical issue for me at the 11th hour and earn serious technical credibility in doing so, they did so with a level of professionalism and service I’d not encountered before.

They were clearly different to others in the game, and this is what sets them apart.”

Nick Binns
Former CIO
Leading National Retailer

Ordyss delivers strategic intelligence

“As Interim CEO at Lutheran Services, I engaged Ordyss to assist in a review of our ICT operational plan and strategic roadmap. This included reviewing BAU operations through the lens of corporate governance which led to implementing a service-orientated structure and a stronger ICT governance framework.

The Executive team at Ordyss were valuable advisers to me throughout that process and their experience in the not-for-profit sector was apparent. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for similar consulting engagements where that type of strategic intelligence is required.”

John De Angelis
Former Chief Executive Officer (Interim)
Lutheran Services Australia

Cloud solution delivers financial savings

“The financial savings, both upfront and ongoing, realised from implementation of this project make for a compelling business case. The business continuity benefits and the improved operational efficiencies however can’t be overlooked and I think the stats speak for themselves.

The scalability offered by this solution will also be increasingly important to Maritimo as we continue to expand our operations, and I consider the project a most worthwhile investment in our future.”

Garth Corbitt
Chief Executive Officer
Maritimo Offshore Pty Ltd

Integrated partnership approach

“Since first engaging with Ordyss in 1998, Ozcare has experienced 400% growth, today employing nearly 3,000 staff across our various operations and facilities. Understandably there’s been an increased reliance on IT, and the growth has driven demand for increasingly smarter ways of doing things. Automation and business intelligence has been central to this.

Throughout this ~20 year relationship, Ordyss has been instrumental in driving the IT strategic direction of our organisation and they continue to provide IT leadership at executive level. Despite being considered a comparatively small business, Ordyss lends significant strategic weight and operational influence and, throughout various stages in our growth, have been able to offer invaluable guidance and management expertise to support us on our journey.

From providing technical resources and major infrastructure and managed services to managing multi-million dollar RFT’s, tender evaluation and complex project rollouts, we have been able to rely on Ordyss to provide the full service model.

Ordyss stands apart from other service providers. Their integrated partnership approach is just that; they have earned their position as a trusted, integral part of our organisation.”

Tony Godfrey
Chief Executive Officer

Innovative solution delivers on business continuity

“One of the reasons this complex project has been so successful is that Ordyss took the time to understand our business needs.

Throughout the entire project we felt totally informed and involved. Our IT team and the Ordyss team worked very closely together and they ensured the relevant knowledge was imparted to our people so that we too would own the solution.”

Tony Marles
Manager Information Technology
Port of Brisbane Corporation

Quality services offered with high degree of flexibility

“We started working with Ordyss to access additional support for our (internal) IT team.  As a largely project based business, the need for additional skills and resources is often required to support peak demands. As an ad hoc requirement, the ability to provide quality resources with a high degree of flexibility is pivotal, as is the ability to be agile in the provision of those services.

Ordyss have proven to be particularly suited to our needs in that regard and have consistently provided resources with the appropriate skill sets to extend the technical capabilities of our internal resource structures. They have shown excellent technical escalation and follow-up, and a proactive approach to solution delivery. They offer a quality range of services and are well placed to provide value-add benefits to our corporate IT functions.

We are pleased QER has been able to develop this working relationship with Ordyss and we are most appreciative of the assistance they continue to provide.”

Stephen Myatt
Manager Business Systems and IT
QER Pty Ltd

Positive and collaborative service experience

“Our experience with Ordyss has been a very positive and collaborative one and I would have no hesitation recommending them as a business partner for a medium sized business who needs additional expertise for their ICT environment.

I always found the management team very responsive and willing and able to accommodate our needs. A change in plan didn’t bother them; they would happily spend the time to understand the change and redo the paperwork.

Our support team, which did morph and change over time as our organisation matured and stabilised, were always there for us. They set up systems that allowed us to be as self-reliant as we wanted to be, while always keeping an eye on us, quietly and competently doing their tasks and providing advice and assistance as needed.

The only reason we are parting ways is because our business has closed. I will certainly keep them in mind in future work should there be a need for an external support partner.”

Joan Callan
A/Manager, Technology & Innovation
Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges

Willingness and flexibility to accommodate needs

“I’ve worked with Ordyss on a range of engagements in recent years and found them to be consistently motivated to deliver outcomes. Ordyss was initially engaged to conduct an independent assessment of our ICT environment. They provided various practical recommendations as part of that exercise, many of which have since been implemented.

They were subsequently engaged to support us with a period of interim IT management and offered us invaluable support over some 6 months whilst we underwent a period of organisational change. Ordyss have also assisted in our ICT Strategy & Roadmap planning and worked with our executive team in the early stages of our digital transformation program.

Ordyss have always shown a willingness and flexibility to accommodate our needs and we have appreciated their support. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them for burst capacity or technical expertise and am happy to maintain an ongoing relationship with their team.”

Pat Walsh
General Manager Corporate Services
Relationships Australia Queensland

8 years of outstanding service

“Ordyss Helpdesk and Network Monitoring services proved invaluable in managing what was an ever-growing user-base for Riviera. With 1,200 staff employed at the Gold Coast location, the decision to outsource our IT Helpdesk and Network Monitoring removed the necessity for an internal IT team and allowed us to focus on what we do best – designing and manufacturing the world’s leading luxury pleasurecraft.

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to build the most sought-after Flybridge and Sport Cruisers and Sport Yachts in the world. Knowing that our IT infrastructure was being managed by a team of IT professionals gave us the security that we could continue to do that without costly system crashes or downtime.

Across 8 years of service, we were consistently impressed with the outstanding service ethic and passion of the Ordyss management team. Ordyss continually strived to align and resolve our business requirements with intelligent IT-based solutions.”

Wes Moxey
Chief Executive Officer
The Riviera Group

Ordyss instrumental in driving ICT governance

“I worked closely with Ordyss and in particular, their Managing Director, Keith Lavelle, early in the organisation’s ICT maturity to assist us expedite our ICT maturation.

In line with that mandate, Keith was instrumental in driving a governance framework for our ICT operations and was a key contributor to our ICT Strategy and Roadmap. As part of that, he established and chaired our inaugural ICT Governance Committee which drove out a range of improvement initiatives. This included a series of cloud migration works to improve our business continuity posture and saw the environment modernised well ahead of many of our competitors.

Keith’s drive to deliver outcomes is surpassed only by his meticulous attention to quality and customer care and it’s clear his team follow that example. The Ordyss engineers demonstrated a level of proficiency and care that was second to none and I have no hesitation recommending them to organisations seeking radical improvements.”

Michael Bowers
Chief Executive Officer
Southern Cross Care Qld

Transition to Ordyss seamless and painless

“The transition to Ordyss managed services was seamless and painless for TEQ staff and IT.  This was despite the time-critical migration of key TEQ systems to AWS and subsequent simplification of legacy IT solutions, which were also undertaken by Ordyss. 

Since those transitions in January 2015, Ordyss has achieved all SLA targets, with many TEQ staff commenting on their satisfaction with the responsiveness and quality of the Ordyss team’s support and Helpdesk services.”

Mark Stanilewicz
Director, Business Solutions & Technology
Tourism & Events Queensland

Managed email service saves time

“Ordyss Managed E-mail has eliminated un-wanted junk e-mail that was clogging our system and has stopped viruses entering our network.

This has saved us a lot of wasted time deleting useless and often offensive junk mail and gives us confidence that our systems can run as efficiently as possible without the wasted bandwidth taken up with SPAM.”

Damien Peters
Chief Financial Officer
VIP Petfoods

Ordyss delivered the results we were looking for

“In being mutual partners with Ordyss, Gallagher Bassett was able to deliver on its new contract with WorkCover New South Wales. The challenge was to deliver a business critical policy management system for the renewal and calculation of insurance premiums within a very tight timeframe.

Now with a 3-year contract to support the application, Ordyss is continuing its relationship with Gallagher Bassett to not only streamline a number of business processes, but to build a more flexible platform that can adapt and evolve against the backdrop of an ever-changing regulatory environment.

It is hard finding a company that has the knowledge and customer service skills to meet the needs of a project, but Ordyss focused on our critical business requirements and used its experience in creating applications within compressed timeframes to deliver the results we were looking for.”

Peter Searson
Gallagher Bassett Services

Ordyss considered a growth partner and asset to business

“Since first engaging with Ordyss in 2017, we’ve been able to enact a number of our IT strategic initiatives and implement a range of leading cloud technologies. The projects were carefully planned in consultation with us and brilliantly executed by Ordyss. We now enjoy a highly secure, best-practice environment that can readily scale in line with our growth. In addition to the improved efficiencies, we’ve achieved a significant saving in OPEX to be realised for many years to come.

Equally important, the hand-over to support was well communicated and we’ve received a consistently high quality of technical support from the Ordyss Service Desk. We consider Ordyss a growth partner and an asset to the business.”

Mitchell Pratt
Zest Financial Solutions

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