The Client:

Ozcare is a leading not-for-profit organisation that proudly delivers innovative and superior health and human services to more than 15,000 clients throughout Queensland. For more than 23 years, Ozcare has been providing professional care to help improve the quality of life for people of all ages and backgrounds.

From 35 locations around the State, and with the support of 2,750 staff and 400 volunteers, Ozcare provides a wide range of personalised services. From residential aged care facilities, home care services, retirement villages and immunisation programs through to dementia advisory & support, disability services and more, Ozcare delivers exceptional care.

The Challenge:

The Ozcare ICT infrastructure lifecycle model traditionally followed a three-year refresh cycle which, at the time of this engagement, was approaching the latter stages of its planned life. Ozcare decided at that time that the organisation should consider alternative cloud-based solutions rather than renewing its current on-premise infrastructure.

With an appetite for technology-enabled competitive advantage, Ozcare sought, amongst other things, to place cloud computing at the centre of ICT reform by taking a ‘cloud-first’ approach. A key factor in this strategy was to support organizational goals pertaining to business continuity, security, flexibility, scalability and cost efficiencies.

Its cloud-first approach required Ozcare to consider cloud-based solutions in preference to traditional ICT investments, where those cloud services demonstrated value for money, reliability and fit-for-purpose.

With that in in mind, Ozcare engaged Ordyss as its cloud enablement partner, to clearly define the requirements and cost for migrating the Ozcare applications and associated data to the most suitable cloud platform.

A significant program of organisational-wide ICT reviews therefore ensued to assess the varied, and in many cases complex, elements of risk, business impact, legal/governance and return on investment. This included an in-depth review of Ozcare’s licensing position along with the expansive technology considerations required for a possible cloud transition.

In doing so, Ordyss assessed the opportunity presented by cloud computing to release Ozcare from performing the more commoditised functions of the ICT stack. In the context of the ICT services that support Ozcare’s core business, it was agreed that by consuming ready-made ICT services from the cloud, Ozcare could better focus on its core mission – the delivery of superior health & human services.

The Solution:

An expansive ICT architecture review was subsequently performed by Ordyss in partnership with Ozcare and identified cloud services as key to transforming the delivery of health services; in turn, helping to address several of the challenges faced by Ozcare’s on-premise ICT environment.

It was agreed that Ozcare’s adoption of cloud-based services would enable it to transition from predominantly internal, high-cost customised ICT applications and solutions to lower-cost, standard, interchangeable services; where quality improvements and cost reductions are driven by highly competitive market forces.

Simultaneously, cloud services presented the opportunity to reduce vendor lock-in, enable self-service and accelerate innovation and productivity in the delivery of contemporary health services.

Following extensive Scoping & Requirements, the Solution Design phase commenced, concluding with an Implementation and Migration Plan to address migration of Ozcare’s expansive suite of systems and technologies to the new cloud environment.

This involved migrating the Ozcare-owned infrastructure and data from its current location to a new location within Microsoft Azure’s Sydney Datacenter, with Disaster recovery at the Melbourne Microsoft Azure Datacenter. Further, it required building duplicate Ozcare-owned services in Microsoft Azure when SaaS infrastructure could not be consumed or compatibility was unclear.

Adding to the project complexity, various enterprise applications formed part of the project migration plan and included over 20 bespoke internal and external SharePoint Applications, multiple 3rd party integrations and components, customer time jobs and 1st and 3rd party core libraries. Ozcare’s ERP formed another core focus and spanned key functions including, amongst others, Financials, Residential Management, Clinical Care, Community Care, Rostering and Social Inclusion services.

The enterprise applications, which were underpinned by the following infrastructure components, required a separate migration methodology and included:

  • Network
  • Active Directory Services
  • Internet Security
  • Email & Archiving
  • SharePoint
  • Infrastructure Management
  • File and Print Services
  • Database Services

Needless to say, any disruption to service that would impact Ozcare’s clients was to be avoided at all costs. Every aspect of the cloud migration works was therefore carefully considered and planned in extensive consultation with the business and included stringent Change Control and Release Management protocols.

With alternative plans implemented for any outages, no matter how small, the project was successfully delivered over the course of many months and allowed Ozcare to continue providing a high level of care for their clients throughout.

A range of Microsoft Cloud technologies were implemented throughout the project, including Office 365 (Exchange, SharePoint, etc.), Azure Compute, Enterprise Mobility & Security, and Operations Management Suite; effectively delivering against the client’s cloud-first mandate.

The Benefits:

The cloud transformation project, which included combined input from Ordyss’ Executive leadership and Senior Technical resources over many months, successfully concluded in early 2019 with hand-over to business-as-usual operations. Ozcare now enjoys a best-of-breed Microsoft Cloud environment that leverages the many benefits of Microsoft’s cloud-based technologies and solutions.

In addition to the well understood cloud-first benefits, Ozcare enjoys a simplified vendor and management experience; providing a single pane of glass to readily access compute, security, monitoring, business continuity, and more. By working in a spirit of partnership with Ozcare, various opportunities to streamline business processes were also identified throughout the project and complemented the range of technology benefits delivered via the project.

What the Client Says:

“Since first engaging with Ordyss, Ozcare has experienced 400% growth, today employing ~3,000 staff across our various operations and facilities. Understandably there’s been an increased reliance on IT, and the growth has driven demand for increasingly smarter ways of doing things. Automation and business intelligence has been central to this.

Throughout this 20+ year relationship, Ordyss has been instrumental in driving the IT strategic direction of our organisation and they continue to provide IT leadership at executive level. Despite being considered a comparatively small business, Ordyss lends significant strategic weight and operational influence and, throughout various stages in our growth, have been able to offer invaluable guidance and management expertise to support us on our journey.

From providing technical resources and major infrastructure and managed services to managing multi-million dollar RFT’s, tender evaluation and complex project rollouts, we have been able to rely on Ordyss to provide the full service model. Ordyss stands apart from other service providers. Their integrated partnership approach is just that; they have earned their position as a trusted, integral part of our organisation.”

Anthony (Tony) Godfrey, Chief Executive Officer – Ozcare