Ordyss specialises in ultra-customised and dedicated Managed IT solutions for Enterprise, Government and Not-for-Profit organisations. We structure and deliver the services you require, exactly how you need them, to ensure a perfect fit for every business.

Experience the difference when everything we do is designed specifically for you and the unique needs of your business. Ordyss’ tightly-integrated partnership model offers the flexibility of an internal IT team – but with all the benefits of a professional managed service provider.

Our ‘whatever it takes’ approach to customer service delivers an unrivalled service experience for all your ICT needs, including:

  • Dedicated Service Desk solutions for the ultimate in personalised service.
  • ‘White-label’ internal resourcing or talent acquisition for a wide range of technical recruitment needs.
  • End-to-end Cloud and Infrastructure management, including specialist Project services.
  • Executive consulting and much more.

Our long term client relationships evidence the value in partnering with Ordyss and our total commitment to your success.  We provide an unrivalled level of transparency and back ourselves to get the right outcome, regardless of the challenge.

Step out from the ‘cookie cutter’ approach to Managed IT and discover the Ordyss difference.

“Ordyss stands apart from other services providers. Their integrated partnership approach is just that; they have earned their position as a trusted, integral part of our organisation.”

Greater Depth of Capability

Ordyss is a proud member of the First Focus group, giving our clients access to additional skills and infrastructure specialists.

First Focus

First Focus is Australia’s top-rated managed service provider, specialising in medium-sized organisations across the ANZ region. Supporting tens of thousands of end-users across hundreds of customers, the First Focus group consists of over 220 IT professionals. First Focus continually invests in world-class technology to deliver the most efficient, cost-effective, and reliable solutions available.



Flexnet is an SMB-to-Enterprise phone system deployment and support specialist with their DNA rooted in deep Telephony and Unified Communications. The team comprises highly qualified, experienced engineers and technicians – proud holders of Mitel’s highest Platinum Partner status. Flexnet supports clients in a variety of industries throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Ordyss is a 100% Australian-owned and operated business built on a foundation of trust and transparency. With a range of services that can be accessed in isolation, or as part of an integrated suite of services, Ordyss offers a highly flexible and personalised approach to meet the constantly changing needs of today’s business.

Whether it’s supporting business growth, driving operational efficiencies or competitive advantage, the ‘Ordyss way’ means developing intelligent solutions that are entirely benefits driven, and always with a consideration for your return on investment.

Through honest, open dialogue, we work with you to understand your needs, and tailor our approach to deliver complete end-to-end programs or focused point solutions. All solutions are delivered in line with our ‘customer comes first’ philosophy and always with an uncompromising commitment to service excellence.

This commitment is shared across the business and is inherent in our core values and the way we engage with our clients, our partners and each other. OrdyssASPIRE embodies those values, and sets the standard to which we aspire every day in the delivery of ICT excellence.

  • Accountable: We will take responsibility for our actions & won't hide from problems.
  • Service: We will deliver outstanding customer service, no excuses.
  • Pride: We will be proud of who we are, and proud of what we do.
  • Integrity: We will be honest, ethical and always deliver on our promises.
  • Respect: We will respect ourselves, our work and those around us.
  • Excellence: We will strive for excellence in everything we do.

Ordyss’ operating model is strategically designed to support a genuine partnership focus and long term, trusted alliances. We offer a completely transparent business model and a culture designed to build value-based relationships that span decades.

Underpinning that trust, we employ no sales reps and pay no commissions – ensuring 100% of the value is based on your best interests, not ours. Not just a technology provider, we’re a partner who understands the strategic importance of technology and the value it delivers. We invest heavily in understanding your business and are passionate about ensuring your technology investment empowers your business success.

By combining technology innovation with commercial understanding and expertise, we have helped countless businesses embrace the advances of technology to drive their business forward. We translate this experience into tailored solutions that reduce risk, remove complexity and ensure you derive maximum value from your technology investment.

“It’s such a pleasure working with you guys. I see so many of your core values in action every day, and sitting on the other side of the fence I can tell you that you really walk the talk. It’s amazing to see a company that actually delivers what it promises.”
State Manager, Information Technology, Not-for-Profit Organisation [3,000 staff]

At Ordyss, we believe the customer really does come first. Whether you need an end-to-end managed IT service, a leading cloud solution design, or additional expertise to complement your in-house team - our commitment is a highly personalised service that delivers industry best practice outcomes within a framework of service excellence.

With a 97% customer satisfaction rating year on year, we take pride in the exceptional standard of care provided to customers across the board. From our Service Desk to Executive Consulting, it is this unrelenting commitment to service that sets Ordyss apart and allows us to consistently exceed industry standards.

Among the many strengths that distinguish Ordyss amongst its competition, is our genuine partnership philosophy. Ordyss is constantly assessing, leveraging and investing in new technologies and solutions to ensure that, as your trusted partner in ICT, we remain at the leading edge of the industry.

Employing a team of passionate ICT professionals, and partnering with leading national and international vendors, we deliver intelligent technology-enabled solutions designed to provide peace of mind in even the most demanding business environments.

“Thanks for making changes at such short notice to assist in supporting us. I am sure your team are feeling the pain in other areas. This level of flexibility is not being missed from our side and we are holding Ordyss in very high regard. The technical expertise of your team goes without saying but it’s their attitude that has really impressed.”
Service Desk Manager, Ordyss Client, Queensland Mining & Resources Company

Ordyss’ commitment to quality is an organisation-wide one and it is entrenched in all aspects of day-to-day operations. In line with this commitment, we actively maintain ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 27001 Information Security standards certifications.

As the world’s most recognised Quality Management System (QMS) standard, being ISO 9001 Certified supports us in our quest to continually improve and refine operations. Across every area of the business, we are consistently monitoring our performance to improve the standard of systems, services and solutions being provided.

Equally important as a Managed Services business, the responsibility on us to protect commercially sensitive information is critical. Ordyss’ ISO/IEC 27001 Certification validates our robust framework for managing information security (infosec) and we take pride in the efforts of everyone in maintaining an unrelenting focus on quality and information security.

backed by ISO quality accreditations, Ordyss really is the partner of choice for superior IT delivery.

“Every day, we need to be thinking about ways to continually refine every aspect of our service. Unless we’re focussing on exceptional quality in every detail, we’re failing in our obligation to our clients, and ourselves.”
Keith Lavelle, Managing Director, Ordyss