Why Ordyss
“As your business evolves and demands increase, you need to be able to anticipate and respond to market changes with greater efficiency.”

With intelligent technology solutions and superior IT infrastructure recognised as a distinct competitive advantage in today's market, businesses are increasingly turning to the expertise of serious IT professionals to gain that competitive edge.

As an ICT solutions provider, Ordyss is operating at the coal face of today's technology-driven landscape, helping businesses harness the many opportunities presented by the rapidly accelerating  ICT evolution.  We understand that reliable and responsive ICT support is pivotal, but it's not enough.  With the pace of change and the rate of growth for most businesses, a diligent, proactive approach, combined with a strategic 'big picture' view, is imperative.  

By addressing sub-optimal infrastructure, poor processes or insufficient planning, we can help transform your IT operations into a best practice framework.  Through the intelligent use of services, applications and infrastructure, we enable you to quickly adapt, expand and leverage from a stable infrastructure platform, supporting  growth and organisational change with confidence.  In doing so, we can help you realise the full value from technology-enabled business change. 

Ordyss delivers fixed outcomes for a fixed price.  Select only the components you require to complement your own business systems, and have them tailored to your specific needs

As a strategic partner for your business, we will listen and work with you to understand your business goals and growth plans, and will streamline your technology strategy, supporting better decision making, enhanced productivity and greater profitability. 

To partner with Ordyss means you are welcomed into an exclusive community of valued clients - of other successful, like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners and CIOs who entrust their mission-critical infrastructure to Ordyss every day.

Carefully managing the growth of our client base, you are assured of a genuine interest in your business and only the highest committed standards of service excellence.   Although we think locally, we act globally, delivering a suite of products and services designed to ensure you are positioned to excel with the assurance of efficient, integrated systems. 

"It's such a pleasure working with you guys.  I see so many of your core values in action every day, and sitting on the other side of the fence I can tell you that you really walk the talk.  It's amazing to see a company that actually delivers what it promises."

State Manager, Information Technology 
Not-for-Profit Organisation
[3,000 staff]