Talent Acquisition

Specialist ICT Talent Solutions

In today's highly competitive corporate landscape, your people are your greatest asset.  At Ordyss, we are solid in our belief that our people are not only integral to our success, but it is because of them, we have been able to establish benchmark standards of service. 

Without established networks or talent pools however, the time and cost investment of sourcing the right people can be significant.  This is often exacerbated for technical roles where the ability to assess a candidate's technical expertise can be challenging.  The cost of a 'wrong hire' is not only damaging financially but can be disruptive culturally and reputationally.

Ordyss Talent is the culmination of decades of experience sourcing the best technical talent the market has to offer.  With a honed ability to find 'the needles in the haystack', Ordyss Talent removes the time and risk of sourcing ICT talent. 

In line with Ordyss' partnership philosophy, we work closely with you to fully understand your environment, technically and culturally, and find the most suitable candidates aligned to that.  Leveraging Ordyss' expansive technical expertise, candidates are technically assessed against your specific technology set, with only those fully-validated candidates crossing your desk. 

Whether it's a short term or permanent need, the passion and expertise of Ordyss Talent will ensure only the most suitable candidates are matched to your needs.   

Flexible Workforce / Staff Augmentation

With the pace and cost of business today, the pressure is on to deliver more with less.  For many businesses, the costs associated with employing a full-time team of skilled technical resources simply isn't feasible. 

Ordyss' Flexible Workforce allows you to access quality skilled resources on an 'as needs' basis, from Service Desk resources to Senior Cloud Engineers and everything in between.  With a Flexible Workforce, you benefit from professional technical expertise to meet interim workload demands and/or intermittent requirements, without the cost commitment of a permanent hire. 

With our Flexible Workforce engagements, the Client is responsible for allocation and prioritisation of works performed by the contracted professional resources, in much the same way as it would in a labour hire scenario. 

Unlike the pitfalls often associated with contracting however, our Flexible Workforce uses only Ordyss' trained and trusted team members, all of whom are selected and managed based on a superior commitment to technical and professional excellence.  In this way, every resource has the collective support and input of the entire Ordyss team, meaning you benefit not only from the skills of the team member on site, but the expertise of the broader business.



Client Testimonial

"Thanks for making changes at such short notice to assist in supporting us.  I am sure your team are feeling the pain in other areas.  This level of flexibility is not being missed from our side and we are holding Ordyss in very high regard. The technical expertise of your team goes without saying but it's their attitude that has really impressed."

Service Desk Manager
Ordyss Client
Queensland Mining & Resources Company