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Meaningful ICT strategy and advice for today's business ...

There is no denying that the technology landscape is developing at a rapid pace; and innovators and industry leaders are recognising the many opportunities this presents.  

As an ICT solutions provider, Ordyss has operated at the heart of this technology evolution, providing Australian businesses with the industry intelligence required to successful navigate, and capitalise on, this ongoing change.

By working in the spirit of partnership with you, we are able to act as your IT 'think tank', proactively identifying opportunities that will benefit your business.  Ordyss will assist you with:

  • ICT Strategic Planning
  • Disaster Recovery & Planning
  • Data Security Reviews
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Systems Design & Integration
  • ICT Documentation
  • ICT Tender/Vendor Assessment

Through structured business and information systems analysis, Ordyss will work with you to develop strategies and solutions that are relevant, meaningful and cost effective.  All Ordyss ICT Strategy & Consulting Services are designed to enable you to:

Derive premium returns on your ICT investment - Ordyss has a philosophy of getting 'sticky' with its clients.  By listening to your business objectives and customising solutions aligned with your goals, we are able to add the most value and maximise your return on ICT investment.  Ordyss will never recommend anything it doesn't stand behind 100%

Bridge the gap between old and new technologies - Ordyss offers the expertise to guide you through the many challenges - and opportunities - presented by systems and organisational change, of any scale.   Ordyss is committed to helping you understand the benefits of investing in technology to facilitate a lasting and positive transformation.

Tap into industry best practice methodologies - By adopting proven project management methodologies and agreeing key performance indicators with you at the very outset, we are able to align the parties and  remove the risk of unexpected outcomes or surprises.  Ordyss submits transparent project management plans aligned to an agreed timeline and budget, allowing you to prioritise what is important, balancing functionality, time and cost.

To read what one of Ordyss' high growth client organisations has to say about Ordyss strategic input, click here.

"Ordyss lends significant strategic weight and operational influence and, throughout various stages in our growth, have been able to offer invaluable guidance and management expertise to support us on our journey."

Chief Executive Officer
Not-for-Profit Organisation
[3,000 staff]