Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a method of delivering IT services to users that is designed, built and maintained by IT professionals - and delivered via the internet or secure network known as 'the Cloud'.  With Cloud solutions, businesses can avoid the cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining infrastructure and software in-house, and can instead benefit from a cost-effective, scalable alternative to traditional IT needs.

How can Ordyss Cloud Computing help me?

Ordyss Cloud Computing solutions encompass desktop, applications and software services that are both highly flexible and secure.  Traditionally the preserve of large corporations, enterprise-class IT via the Cloud ensures that a resilient, 99.99% available, 24/7 supported IT 'infrastructure-as-a-service' can now be accessed by businesses of any size.

Ordyss' Cloud solutions include:

  • Desktop Computing
  • Software & Applications
  • Email & Communication
  • File Sharing & Collaboration
  • Phone & VOIP System
  • Storage & Backup
  • Virtual Server Hosting

Staying true to our philosophy that clients should only pay for the resources they need, Ordyss' Cloud solutions offer considerable savings by providing additional, up-to-date resources and applications via a utility cost model, accessed at the touch of a button. Ordyss' Cloud solutions can be applied to projects of any scale on-demand, offering a superior IT solution managed by Ordyss' network of leading IT professionals.

This concept of truly scalable infrastructure means there is no capital expenditure and no in-house expertise required, ensuring businesses incur less overhead costs to achieve a greater return on investment. Ordyss will work with you to develop the most effective Cloud strategy based on your business needs; challenging traditional infrastructure deployment methods, while working to minimise your IT footprint.

Ordyss has extensive experience across a range of new and emerging Cloud technologies and has successfully delivered Cloud projects of varying scope and complexity. To understand what Cloud solution is most appropriate for your business, contact us today or review one of our many client testimonials to see what's possible.

"You guys have fixed problems already that [other outsource provider] could not do in 2 years."

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Ordyss Client
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