Integrated partnership approach

"Since first engaging with Ordyss in 1998, Ozcare has experienced 400% growth, today employing nearly 3,000 staff across our various operations and facilities.  Understandably there's been an increased reliance on IT, and the growth has driven demand for increasingly smarter ways of doing things.  Automation and business intelligence has been central to this.

Throughout this ~20 year relationship, Ordyss has been instrumental in driving the IT strategic direction of our organisation and they continue to provide IT leadership at executive level.  Despite being considered a comparatively small business, Ordyss lends significant strategic weight and operational influence and, throughout various stages in our growth, have been able to offer invaluable guidance and management expertise to support us on our journey. 

From providing technical resources and major infrastructure and managed services to managing multi-million dollar RFT's, tender evaluation and complex project rollouts, we have been able to rely on Ordyss to provide the full service model. 

Ordyss stands apart from other service providers.  Their integrated partnership approach is just that; they have earned their position as a trusted, integral part of our organisation." 

Tony Godfrey
Chief Executive Officer