Customer Challenge

Maritimo is a premier craftsman of luxury motor yachts to the international market. Inspired by the Australian lifestyle and beautiful coastlines unique to this part of the world, the craft are designed and built on the Gold Coast with unrivalled luxury and unparalleled engineering for long range capabilities. 

To remain at the forefront of a highly competitive market, Maritimo have become adept at scaling up or down based on demand.  Supporting its agile requirements using a traditional on-premises IT model however had proved a challenge for Maritimo, and the business faced a large CAPEX investment at a time of market uncertainty.

Exacerbating this, the business faced challenges due to the age of its existing IT infrastructure, and reliability issues which had begun to impact operations, causing a number of significant outages.  Faced with these difficulties, and combined with the knowledge that investment was required, Maritimo's CEO, Garth Corbitt, approached Ordyss for assistance.

The Solution

Ordyss is a long standing Maritimo partner, providing IT managed services and technical consultancy to the business for many years. Proactive systems monitoring & incident management had identified signs of systems failure.

Rather than suggesting a legacy upgrade or replacement of the existing systems however, Ordyss recommended that Maritimo migrate the business to a hosted, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, providing infrastructure and ongoing IT support on a per user, per month, OPEX billing model.  

Following an extensive proof-of-concept and discussions with the business, Ordyss obtained approval for implementation, and the project was subsequently completed.  At a high level, the project involved a data, email and business application migration to an Ordyss designed and managed platform.

Results / Benefits

Financially, implementation of the Ordyss DaaS solution saved Maritimo a CAPEX spend of ~$50,000 by avoiding the need to refresh legacy infrastructure.

Through reliability improvements gained via the project, Ordyss was able to reduce the ongoing IT support costs by a substantial 57%.

From a productivity standpoint, there were six major business interruptions in the six months prior to implementation, and zero in the 2 months following. Support requests from Maritimo staff also reduced from ~40 per week to ~15 per week, further demonstrating the reliability of the platform.

Maritimo can now continue operations safe in the knowledge that data can be accessed from anywhere, with no risk should a disaster occur at its Head Office. Backups are enterprise grade with 99.999999999% durability, distributed across two independent data centers within Australia, with the option to replicate to other countries if required.

Maritimo staff can access data using any device (PC, laptop, tablet or thin client), from anywhere with an internet connection, confident that their data is encrypted both at rest and in transit to and from the Ordyss datacenters.

Lastly, the solution is based on a simple per user, per month cost, with IT support included via Ordyss' National Service Desk, for a full end-to-end managed IT solution. The platform can scale in size, up or down, supporting the business with a high degree of flexibility.

Client Comments

"The financial savings, both upfront and ongoing, realised from implementation of this project make for a compelling business case.  The business continuity benefits and the improved operational efficiencies however can't be overlooked and I think the stats speak for themselves. 

The scalability offered by this solution will also be increasingly important to Maritimo as we continue to expand our operations, and I consider the project a most worthwhile investment in our future." 

Garth Corbitt
Chief Executive Officer
Maritimo Offshore Pty Ltd