AACo - Full Outsource Solution

AACo - Full Outsource Solution

Ordyss live up to their promise

"Ordyss have really lived up to their promises; they continue to deliver the highest levels of proficiency and professionalism across their entire team, day after day. The Ordyss team have become a real asset to the business. We know we can rely on them to provide a Service Desk that delivers exceptionally high user satisfaction, inject superior levels of technical expertise be it operational, tactical or strategic and project management services that consistently deliver successful outcomes.

This comes at a very busy time for AACo with high demands on current infrastructure & systems and new implementations. We would not have been able to achieve our aggressive implementation timeframes had it not been for Ordyss.

Their input has also removed a lot of the operational pain from my own day-to-day activities and I know that if I leave them with something, I can rest confident in the fact it will get looked after.  I have never worked with an IT provider that live and die on the level of service they provide. 

I admit I was openly skeptical when I first met Ordyss and I incorrectly interpreted the passion and commitment for just another slick sales pitch.  But their passion and commitment has not changed from the very first meeting and they have proven to live true to every promise.  I can't recommend them highly enough."

Michael Croft
Manager Information Systems
Australian Agricultural Company Limited