Recruitment & Selection Values

Recruitment & Selection Values

Ordyss is a well established business with a strong and supportive management structure, a growing and loyal client base, and an ethos of believing in, and encouraging, every team member to be their ultimate best. 

At Ordyss, we understand that employing the right people for our business is fundamental.  We aim to recruit brilliant people with the right capabilities to support our business strategies, support our culture and support each other. 

As such, every candidate must embody the values of OrdyssASPIRE.  OrdyssASPIRE represents the core values that each of us aspire to in the day-to-day delivery of IT service excellence.

Candidate selection values

Our people are, without question, our greatest asset, and our ability to attract and retain the most talented people with the right values and skills, is integral to our continued success (see OrdyssASPIRE above). 

Throughout the recruitment process, we will apply the following values to candidate selection:

  • conduct the process in an open and transparent manner
  • adopt a fair and unbiased approach when selecting candidates 
  • responsibly employ the candidate who best fits the position and organisation according to skill set and culture

We then commit to ensuring that your welcome and transition into the Ordyss team, with it's many benefits, is a seamless and positive experience for everyone!